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New Patient Registration

Our Practice List is open to everyone living within our catchment.  Applicants who are eligible to receive N.H.S. treatment may register by completing the appropriate registration form available at the reception desk.  To facilitate your registration please bring your N.H.S. medical card if available with you.  In addition please understand that we are entitled to refuse non-urgent/non-emergency treatment pending your registration. 

The Practice does not discriminate against race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation or appearance, disability or medical conditions.

Preliminary visit 

As a registered patient you will be offered a new patient healthcheck designed to introduce you to our services and to discuss, if you feel it is appropriate, any medical worries or problems you may have.  At this visit you will be seen by a clinical member of our team whose function is to collect data about your health and to introduce you to the various facilities available to you.  We hope to see all newly registered patients within three months of enrolment.  Please bring a specimen of your own urine when you arrive for your new patient health check  appointment. 

The Practice runs an appointment system with doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants.  An appointment can be made in person or by telephoning the Surgery during opening hours.  

As per N.H.S. registration requirements you will be registered with the Practice.  However, you do have a right to express a preference to see any doctor.