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Children's Health Matters: essential winter health kit for home

For fever and pain relief

  • Paracetamol or Ibuprofen: Suitable for both adults and children, always follow the dosage guidelines.

For coughs and colds

  • Cough Syrup: for dry and chesty coughs.

  • Nasal Drops: to relieve a blocked nose.

For stomach bugs

  • Rehydration salts: essential when dealing with symptoms of diarrhoea.

For allergies and asthma

  • Antihistamines: to treat minor allergic reactions.

  • Inhalers: always have a spare in case of loss or if one runs out.

Other items to consider.

  • Plasters: in various sizes for minor cuts and grazes.

  • Antiseptic cream: to treat minor burns, cuts, or bites.

  • Fragrance free, hypoallergenic moisturiser: to treat dry skin that can be caused by dry indoor air

  • Thermometer: to monitor body temperature accurately.

Always have age-appropriate medications, such as child-specific cough syrups or pain relievers - see advice from the Department of Health and Social Care on drug safety. If your child has a chronic condition like asthma, ensure that you have an adequate supply of the necessary medications.

Store all medicines in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. You should periodically check the expiry dates and replace as necessary.

Before administering any new medication to your child, consult with a community pharmacist or healthcare professional, especially if they're already on other forms of medication.

Having these essentials on hand will help you navigate through minor health issues during the winter.


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