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Patient update: Staff abuse

Good morning,

We want to remind our patients that we operate a Zero Tolerance Policy for any abuse towards our staff members. It’s just unacceptable.

Despite what the media are reporting, the surgery has always remained open. We have followed government operating instructions and attempted to keep our staff working throughout the pandemic in order to provide you, our patients with a service. We have done this with pride and dignity and remained resilient throughout the past 18 months.

Witnessing people shouting down the phone at our staff doesn’t help people deliver healthcare, the line is drawn when it comes to abusing our staff and you will be asked to leave the practice. Please stop!

We are seeing patients face to face, there is a process to follow, this is in order to keep you safe when attending the surgery, this includes social distancing, wearing a mask and taking your temperature. We appreciate your cooperation of these small asks in order to keep the staff at work, other patients safe and remain open.

Thank you.


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