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Telephone appointments

We are struggling to deal with the high demand of On The Day telephone consultation appointments, we simply do not have enough appointments available on the day for those patients claiming their need is urgent.

We do have pre-bookable telephone consultations within 7-9 working days and ask you to pre-book your appointment with the clinician if at all possible, the benefits to pre-booking include:

  • Less hassle for you to call in and wait at 8 am and 12 pm

  • You have peace of mind that your telephone call is booked and can plan your day around your Morning or Afternoon call

  • Less demand on the telephone system at 8 am and 12 pm

  • The On The Day appointments are available for those who genuinely need an urgent appointment, which may be you.

  • Less frustrating for you battling to get through on the telephone.

You are responsible for organising your healthcare, we have a duty of care to meet that need, please help us to help you.

Thank you


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